Speaker Date Topic
Kailo DiNallo & Michael Lenninger Jun 18, 2021
Versiti Michigan Blood Centers - Why You Are Important

Kaila DiNallo is the Regional Manager of Donor Recruitment for Versiti Blood Center of Michigan, formerly Michigan Blood.

Jamie Nicholson & Guests Jun 25, 2021
Young Professionals Speak

Jamie Nicholson will host 3 Young Professionals Speak to speak about their career plans.

Dr. Janet Burns Jul 09, 2021
The Role of the Physician Assistant

Dr. Janet Burns will describe the role of a Physician Assistant. PAs are essential in the delivery of our healthcare. 

Todd Trainor Jul 16, 2021
Bendix Academy

Todd will provide an overview presentation about the apprenticeship program at the Bendix Academy.

Beth Smith Jul 30, 2021
Just Serve

At JustServe, we believe that nothing should get in the way of organizations and volunteers coming together to do good things for the community, so we help make this happen for free.  Beth Smith has lived with her husband Lou in the City of Howell since 1999. She has 4 children and 5 grandchildren. She was the owner of the spinning Loft in downtown Howell for several years and was a spinning teacher for classes all over North America and England.  She currently designs and makes custom skirts for people all over the United States and is an administrator for JustServe.org in Southeast Michigan.

Brenda "Woo Hoo" Tipton & Rick Hill Aug 06, 2021
A Visit with the Lieutenant Governor
Erin Halloran & Pattie Courtney Sep 10, 2021
Horse Powered People