Nelson recalls that one of our early LSRC members had a bed and breakfast in Howell on Grand River. [Angie's Inn on the Grand, on the north side , one of the bigger houses with a portico.] We can't or never knew her name but, she offered the basket as a "fines" receptacle. It was accepted willingly as LSRC has the rooster on its LSRC logo. [Really? What logo?]  That's our story and Nelson is sticking to it.  --Lee Halstead, Hartland Rotary Club
Patricia Courtney writes:  "It is my hope that our club will be able to continue the tradition of hosting one of our exchange students. We need your assistance in making this happen. We will need 2-3 good host families for the 2022-23 academic school year. 
How about you?  Or possibly you know someone who might enjoy this unique opportunity and experience?  I'd love to talk to you more about it!  Please catch me at club, email or give me a ring.  I'd love to share my own experiences with you."  
Rotary Youth Exchange (RYE) has enjoyed a long and excellent reputation of creating life-changing opportunities for young people from around the world. 
These students learn lifelong leadership skills, experience a new language and culture, build lasting friendships with other students from around the world and truly become global citizens. Students ages 15-19 exchange in more than 100 counties every year.  Each of these students are supported both at home and abroad by local Rotary Clubs.
Our club has been so fortunate to have hosted several of these top notch students the past few years.  Possibly you remember Daniela (Czech Republic), Lea  (S. Korea), Vivi (Brazil) and most recently Gabby (Peru) [pictured above last week in sunny Southern California] and Elias (Germany) [also pictured above].  [Please send them an encouraging email by clicking on their names to the left.] All of these extraordinary young people spent a full academic year with us and we were so blessed to know them.  I’ve enjoyed hearing from them occasionally and how their experience on exchange has truly impacted their lives.
Pattie Courtney 
LSRC  Youth Exchange Officer 
(734 )812-7708