LSRC Foundation
The purpose of the Livingston Sunrise Rotary Foundation is to grant funds for charitable, educational, and scientific projects that will benefit the community.

Grant Policies: The Livingston Sunrise Rotary Foundation Board of Directors considers and awards grant requests for International, Community, Vocational, and Club projects. Grants may be awarded based on:
● Significance - projects of size within the means and purpose of the Foundation.
● Impact—Projects that will significantly improve the quality of life of community members and/or enhance/develop an important aspect of the community.
● Sustainable - Projects that are sustainable, the direct benefit extending beyond one year, at a minimum.
● Mission of Service - Projects that enhance the image and identification of Livingston Sunrise Rotary Club, both internally and externally, and give club members a sense of meaningful service.
Grant Qualifications:
● Grants will be awarded only to recognized domestic United States charitable organizations. Examples include Section 501(c)(3) status organizations, churches, schools, government agencies, or other Rotary Clubs.
● Grants will not be made directly to individuals.
● With few exceptions, grants will not be made to cover the regular operating expenses of an institution or organization (i.e., building maintenance, utilities, salaries).
● With few exceptions, grants will be made only to support special, definitive projects by a qualified organization.
Grant Process: The Livingston Sunrise Rotary Foundation Board of Directors will review all applications at their regularly scheduled meetings. After consideration, the applicant's “Contact Person” will be notified of the grant's status.
Grant Application Deadline: Grants may be awarded throughout the year. The Livingston Sunrise Rotary Foundation Board will consider grant applications quarterly.
Grant Submission: Please send the completed grant application to Livingston Sunrise Rotary Foundation, P.O. Box 1916, Brighton, MI 48116.